Malena Portrait & Vision

Hi there, I’m Malena, a german digital and brand designer, with a passion for sustainability and adventures.

Supporting people, creating ideas and bringing them to life is my main interest, whereby design means more than just an aesthetic aspect to me. It is about using creative tools wisely to solve any problems, to communicate and visualize information and solutions in all areas of life.

After I graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Design 2012, I gained international work experience in South Africa and Germany. While working as a designer in 2014, I started studying a part-time Master Degree in Business Administration. The Master Degree was focused on rethinking economy and was combined with sustainability, ethics and Human Resource Management, which I graduated in 2017. Today my design work is focused on digital design (UI/UX) and branding.

Besides my professional background, I am passionate about a remote lifestyle, traveling and trying out new sports. Exploring new things is where i get my inspirations from, which helps me to get inspired, broaden my horizon and change and adapt new prospectives, which is essential for a creative user centered work.

Let’s get in touch & create!